Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Let's Celebrate

Hello, again. And hurray! Things are fucked, but at least it's the same state of fucked as before. In Texas, anyway.

That's what we want when we vote for a conservative incumbent, isn't it? We want things to stay just the way they are, because a) we're unjustifiably comfortable or b) we're afraid of change. It fucking terrifies us. If we're one of the comfortable ones, we're afraid of upsetting that balance, losing what we have. If we're uncomfortable, we're afraid of things becoming WORSE. People will start marrying horses while gay men abort baby Bibles in front of schoolchildren. It will be chaos.

Still, approximately sixty percent of Texans who voted thought that someone other than Rick Perry should be governing. Fools. Dreamers. Thank God for the sensible ones who opted to be predictably Republican.

In conclusion, things ain't getting better here, but there's little chance of 'em getting worse. Cheers!