Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Perhaps there is sense in the universe.

So, I've been distracted lately. I apologize. I won't go into details. That is what boring people do. Instead I will hint that it had something to do with knives. And laser beams. And the aerial deployment of these and similar objects. And, I don't know, robots?


I am taking Chinese (Mandarin) next semester. Doubts have been expressed, by myself and others. We shall see.

Lore is back. Again. I ain't complaining. He's pretty awesome.

Also you may give this place a listen, if you have such capabilities.

...You didn't even notice I was gone.

Friday, April 01, 2005

Music Appreciation

You know what the best sound is? A police siren. A moving, echoing police siren, sounding close, while in the foreground there is the sound of outdoor electric guitar.

Man. My friend, that is CINEMATIC. I love living in this city.