Saturday, August 05, 2006

Corrupt the Youth, crossposted

Corrupt the Youth

I'm starting this at five minutes to five in the afternoon. I may spend all day writing it, with breaks to eat and work on my Chinese, all the while listening to music. Part of my first paycheck may go to a Polysics album.

I'm here in a spirit of sharing. These videos moved me.

Perversion for Profit
The thirty minute video is cut up into two bits. Then somebody else cut it up even more.

Do you ever feel like we're sliding backward culturally? Like we missed the xenophobic Cold War atmosphere of paranoia so much that we had to create a new one. I'm sure I'm not the first to think so. Probably a pundit somewhere has said so, but what do I care what they think? I don't know them.

I suppose people always have to find something to struggle against, whether it's some form of corruption or entrenched tradition or terrorists and supernatural threats. As if life weren't hard enough without the Devil.

Where was I? I was initially going to write about things that are bothering me, current eventswise. Israel demolishing southern Lebanon, for instance, flattening towns Hezbollah moved out of weeks ago, annihilating roads that were only being used by refugees. Long term strategic plan: leave no place intact in southern Lebanon in which Hezbollah could possibly hide. And the U. S. would look hypocritical to criticize this method, even if we weren't supplying them with bombs, because Israel's rationale for invasion is too similar to our own. And this makes me feel like burning flags.

I suppose there are other things like the fact that I have no faith that the government, or at least this administration, will ever tell me the truth or that they even give a damn about me, for that matter. It is probable that they are abusing their powers in ways that they will never be indicted for, in ways that I may never even completely understand. But anyway, as I said, this is where I began in my thoughts and I'm not feeling equipped to editorialize on current events. Editorials are supposed to propose solutions and I'm not convinced that there are any. This story, most likely, ends in bloodshed and a ball of fire.

I'm thinking more generally.
Comic Arguments

I guess I just feel like I understand less and less the mindset of people who seem to believe that change is inherently bad, that it's favored by anarchists and deviants determined to rock the foundations of traditional society.

Which they are, I mean, that's what anarchists do, but you act like it's such a bad thing. I mean, in a lot of ways, traditional society really sucks.

I'm not into starting revolutions, but I hope one day to be accused of corrupting the youth. The problem with revolutions is that too many people die unnecessarily, just like in counter-revolutions and U.S. covert operations overseas. I think education is a better path to world shaking change. I have dreams of turning wide-eyed Texas teenagers into sarcastic, chain-smoking agnostics. I'd like to turn a vacuous sorority pledge into a girl who causes gasps of shock or outrage at the poetry jam. I'd kind of like to be responsible for some spiritual carnage in this world, and I realize that that may make me a bad person. Fortunately, depending on who you ask, I don't have plans to become a teacher. Well, it's fucked anyway, God help 'em.

Arguably, I haven't said anything at all of substance in this blog. I'm hoping that the next one I write is offensive and meaningful in all the right ways.

I'm out of photos. I have one more, and it's my favorite, so I don't know if I should share it. I'll think about it.

We took some excellent pictures of her in her Audrey Hepburn sunglasses, but she ate them. Because they were just that cute.


At 6:43 AM, Anonymous Quenthalien said...

There are those who I think probably agree with these posted sentiments, myself being one. You however, say it much better than I ever could hope to. I like your style and think we should consume something that is in all likelihood going to poison us whilst seated at the same table sometime in the future.


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