Thursday, June 15, 2006

It's less meaningful, but it feels good

Iraqi Screen paints a bleak picture, but not as bleak as some. Most Iraqi perspectives I've seen are pretty depressing; overwhelmingly they are characterized by fear. Not hopelessness, no not that. But definitely fear. I'm starting to believe my friend who says, "There is no good news in Iraq." I don't believe our troops are over there on a mission of mass murder, don't get me wrong. But that doesn't stop Iraqis from sometimes feeling that they have as much to fear from "trigger-happy", "smart"-bomb dropping American troops as they do from roving sectarian death squads.

I remember reading somewhere in Kevin Sites's articles from Afghanistan about a commander in Afghanistan who had also served in Iraq, saying that he in some ways felt that Afghanistan was the real battle. He really felt he was accomplishing something there. I wonder why more Americans didn't think that? I wonder why so many felt that we had to invade Iraq in order to somehow make America more secure?

When has an obsession with "security" ever led to good things?

How many people who complain about only hearing bad news from Iraq actually give a shit about how Iraqis feel? Or how many have been killed because we haven't realized you can't kill "terror" with bombs?

In one of Kevin Sites's articles from Iraq, he quotes a soldier as saying that the war in Iraq won't be won with guns. Well, at least somebody realizes it.

I wonder when we'll get the real story on what's happening at Guantanamo Bay? And how many people will dismiss that story as liberal propaganda? And how many more just won't care?

I'm a little disgusted, but I'm not pessimistic. Pessimists are people who believe that things can't change without becoming worse. Pessimists are conservatives.

Healing Iraq has a whole bunch of links to Iraqi blogs, and a much more moderate tone, if you're interested in that.

I've been updating more personal blogs at this location, also, if you are interested in that.

I'm petered out. What is there to say? This is why I used to not concern myself with the big picture: nobody gives a shit.

Stand Up (Let's Get Murdered) - P.O.S.


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