Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Every time two people fall in love, God picks apart a butterfly

Death to Lovers!

Every time I see
A pair of lovers
Walking arm in arm
Or hand in hand,
I steal a child’s balloon
And pop it.

And even if it’s out of my way,
If I see two lovers
Lingering under a street light
I kick a puppy.

It’s about balance.

Your arms, entwining each other as,
Eyes half closed,
You sigh each others’ names,
Are the reason
That I’m killing
This kitten.

I set the minivan on fire
You actually went down on one knee
To give her the ring
You disgusting creep.

Don’t doubt my commitment
To balance.

The smell
Of your hair
Used to destroy me.

And I hope that he’ll realize
As I use this tire iron
To destroy
His knee
That this
Is about