Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Poetry! This week!

That last thing I posted, which most people seem to have enjoyed - although one person found it reminiscent of Morrissey - was a poem I wrote for my poetry workshop. I'm not much of a poet, my friends; I work in prose. But I've enjoyed some of the poems I've done this semester and may do more in the future.

I still have three more poems to write - by tomorrow - and then I have to revise ten of them to include in a portfolio for the end of the semester. To that end, I'm planning to revise and post my poems, one at a time, on this blog, to get feedback from folks. If you have editorial or stylistic suggestions, please post them. If you just want to say that my poem is awesome, or that it sucks, feel free. If you just want to say that poetry sucks in general, you may do so, but I expect you to elaborate and cite your sources.

First poem will go up later today.


At 10:42 AM, Blogger Spill The Beans said...

I'm almost giddy with anticipation.


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