Monday, January 16, 2006

Three things before bed

I went and saw Basquiat at the Houston Museum of Fine Arts tonight. I'd seen it before, years ago, but it was great to see it again. It's such a strange and wonderful movie, bunch of great performances, particularly David Bowie as Andy Warhol. It left me feeling just a little breathless.

Tonight it occurred to me that the reason conservatives want to block gay marriage is because they want to remain able to regard homosexuals as promiscuous deviants. It has nothing to do with protecting society or the institution or marriage or the children, and everything to do with a selfish desire to insulate their own prejudices. LAME.

Finally, I mentioned a long time ago that I might post a fragment of something I'd written, so I'd like to make good. This is from a finished work, and is my intellectual property, so no stealing my nightmare creature and claiming it as your own. Ahem.

"As they regarded each other silently, a shadow approached from her right. It was a ragged, gaping wound of black, into which the feeble light of the moon could not penetrate. Saul could feel the shadows heat and its black edges thrashed to the sound of crackling flames. The shadow moved with a peculiar grace that was more sensed than seen. In the same way, Saul could feel the presence of the prowling predatory shape within the pitch black flames. Even when the shadow stopped beside the winged woman, he could still feel it moving within the darkness. It was like a tiger or a wolf, pacing back and forth, restless in its prison. Occasionally the utter darkness was broken by a flash of copper and blazing red; Saul knew it was the eyes of the beast. When they settled on him, and he could hear the hot ragged breath beneath the crackling fire, a chill of fear touched his heart. He set his jaw and swallowed. The specks of silver light still floating in the air touched the writhing, eager edges of the shadow and were consumed. "

Comments and critique welcome, but it's just an excerpt, so don't feel obligated.
Now I'm going to bed.


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Ooo...scary. :)


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