Saturday, March 19, 2005

Superheroes and Dieselsweeties

JLA: Year One was a good book. It made me feel good about superhero comics. It made me feel good about superhero team comics. Hell, it made me want to found a superhero team and start busting some villainous ass. Maybe if I go stand in a radioactive pool and try to get struck by lightning I'll develop super powers instead of falling down dead.

I'm not too keen on spandex, but perhaps I could work with some leather pants, a la John Crichton from Farscape.

I'd say some clever things about the clickin' dialogue, the smooth writing and pacing, and the silly but well-played supervillain plotholes ("Why did you give them the alien device, Vandal Savage? 50,000 years of life and still the best plan you can come up with is 'trick them into compromising their heroic principles'?") but I'm not very good at writing reviews. Otherwise I'd actually critique webcomics, instead of just linking to them and saying "Dieselsweeties is awesome."

Man, R. Stevens. One thousand, one hundred and eighty-five comics involving poop jokes, gratuitous farting, and robot sex. And I still can't get enough. Plus you have pretty much the best shirts in the world. You deserve a present. Unfortunately, I am poor, so all you get from me are words. You can pretend they are beer, if that is what you are into.

Okay, reader(s). That is all. Go back to work.


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