Thursday, February 24, 2005

Do-weep *warble* beep-beep! - Book IV of the Holy Chronicles

R. Stevens had this to say:

"That's when it hit me - the one mythological character I look to for guidance and protection is shaped like a garbage can. He can work miracles, never lets his fear get the better of him and always puts his ego aside to get the job done."

Thus did he make this shirt.

His other shirts are pretty hoss as well. Diesel Sweeties is one of the few webcomics I return to with any kind of consistency.

One of the others is Something Positive. I don't know what R.K. Milholland did to me. I don't even care if he's funny every day anymore, so long as he continues to tell me stories about these people. I mean, I know sometime soon Pepito will do something, or Choochoo bear will devour someone, or some jerk will be sodomized by (barely)intelligent vegetation, but I even considered the idea of going to Kamikazecon just to "Meet a Real, Live S*P Cast Member." Of course I realized that it would be creepy to go to a convention for enthusiasts of a genre I don't give a damn about just to meet a woman I only know as a fictional character and who has no particular reason to want to meet me. That is something that professional killers and less-than-professional stalkers do. Anyway, my point is that even when they are vulgar, violent, and engaged in reprehensible criminal action, I'm interested, and I come back to read about their disastrous lives just about every day.

I'd say more, but I'm not sure what it would mean. I described the shirts as "hoss"? Jeez, what time is it?


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