Saturday, February 19, 2005

His book is called Lockpick Pornography; the cover design is offensive to fans of Sesame Street

I just want to reiterate: Joey Comeau. A favorite person of mine. You should also check out A Softer World and Overqualified, which you can get to by way of his journal because I am feeling exceptionally lazy right now. Still: Joey Comeau = neat fellow.

I went to lunch at Chili's with a friend of mine on the 14th. We forgot that it was Valentine's Day and that any two people eating together are on a date. I tried to call my girlfriend so I could loudly proclaim my heterosexuality to those who might be in doubt, but she didn't answer.

I really dislike Valentine's Day. I got Jennifer this shirt anyway. She found it offensive, yet comfortable to wear.

Two further items of note: 1) Houston skies, while typically gray, are a pretty rose color at night. b) My internet is disordered.

So long for now.


At 7:30 AM, Blogger Steer Pike Pie said...

That shirt is pretty damn ugly, Mundane. And I really don't get it, are you saying your pussy loves her??? Or are you claiming her pussy loves you, and told you to give her a shirt that said that??

Why didn't you take her out to Chili's? And get her drunk and go home and mow down on that pussy if it loves you so much???? Hmmmm???

Or was it a kind of plea??? See your pussy loves me, let me dive in??????? And she said NO, this shirt is too ugly and downright offensive and now my pussy HATES you!!!!!

Please explain.

At 2:50 PM, Blogger Arthur Mundane said...


At 6:22 AM, Blogger Steer Pike Pie said...

Ah, Mundane, no need to explain, it is obvious to anyone reading this that her pussy hates you and the shirt was sarcasm. You are a very mean guy, I suggest you buy her something nice and apologize. Buy her something made of silk, dumbass.


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