Sunday, September 11, 2005

Checking the Yahoo world news

New old news from North Ireland.

Economic issues seem likely to lead to a conservative change in Germany's government. Good or bad, who can say, but I have misgivings...

Iran rejects threats from the U.S. and Europe regarding its nuclear program. I don't think the U.S. has the moral high ground it thinks it does in this case.

Sept. 11 in Chile.

There's a hunger strike going on at Guantanamo Bay. I'm finding it difficult to get any hard facts on what's going on. The military is force feeding approximately a dozen inmates who haven't eaten in over a month.

Mubarak Re-Elected
, U.S. congratulatory. We only topple tyrants who talk shit about us.

Not everything is bad news, I'm sure. There are accusations of forced sterilizations in China, and new anti-terror laws in Australia have some worried that country is going down the road of a police state. On the other hand, Japan's rather awesome looking Prime Minister was reelected. I'm not sure what that means.



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