Friday, December 31, 2004

Reflections on a Thai movie (Extra Excellent)

I just finished watching The Legend of Suryothai, and it seemed important to me to write down whatever thoughts I might have about it. Considering the recent disaster, watching a Thai film did not seem inappropriate.

The trailer hails the film as "The most ambitious Thai film ever made." I have to say that it admirably succeeds at its ambition. It is epic, it is emotional, it is exciting. I felt moved when I was supposed to be moved. I felt admiration for the title character. I was never bored. Considering how long this movie was, that is saying something. The characters are interesting, the violence is effectively graphic, and despite the fact that the story takes place over several years' time, the story is not slow. Not at all.

Looking back at that, I'm being mild. Way too mild. This movie was excellent. I'm going to go back and write something to that effect in the title for this entry now. "Extra Excellent" or something of that nature. This movie...dare I say it...kicks ass. Thrilling, moving, stirring...excellent. 'K? Ok.

I'm going to go to sleep now. With any luck I won't have to watch any New Year's Eve programming tomorrow. Er, today. That would be so nice.


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