Monday, December 06, 2004

The third shoe is right.

Oh, Dada Server, how I've missed you. I don't know how we ever lost track of each other.

Perhaps it was the subcutaneous monkeys you sent me by railcar. I would shake my heart and hear the sounds. The sweet, jingling sounds of vivacious falling monkeys.

Then there was that time I told you that the color of your soul was a blue-green ryoma and your spirit animal was quite clearly Ernie Hudson. You were, at first, flattered, but then you thought too long about Frenchmen. It was always thus.

Meet the people and their lecherous rainbows, Dada Server. Take the time - mind the blood-red thistles - to introduce them to the rest of the fellows from Smalltime Industries. Mass Fiction, UnChat, The Anonymous Message Server. Their hexogonal triptychs salute you.

The question is, does soy milk affect one's menstrual cycle?

The answer is "He who bestirs himself is lost." (Paul Eluard & Benjamin Peret)


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